Blackmer Positive Displacement Pumps for Liquid CO2 Applications


Blackmer, part off PSG Dover, has designed a durable pump, capable of handling higher pressures on liquid CO2 service exceeding expectations. The main design criterias included the ability to easily handle dry, nonlubricating CO2, at sub-zero temperatures, with differential pressures up to 100 psig (6.89 bar). By utilizing Blackmer’s unique sliding-vane design, these rotary positive displacement pumps offer the best combined characteristics of sustained high level performance, energy efficiency, trouble-free operation and low maintenance cost. A full line of transfer and recirculation pump models are available in 1.25, 1.5, 2, 3 and 4-inch port sizes for industrial and food processing systems, refrigeration, process plants and transport loading and unloading. Capacities range from 5 to 300 gpm (19-1,134 L/min). with working pressures up to 525 psi (36.2 bar) and operating temperatures down to -30°F (-34°C).


Design Features:

Replaceable casing liner and end discs

Blackmer CRL models can be economically rebuilt for like-new performance with replaceable end discs and liners, specially designed to suppress cavitation and reduce wear.

Two-piece threaded lock collars

Precisely position the rotor and shaft, allowing the pump to operate under high inlet pressures. In addition, this positive lock thrust control helps prevent premature wear to internal components.

External ball bearings

Low friction grease-lubricated ball bearings are completely isolated from the pumpage by mechanical seals for trouble-free service and long life.

Ductile iron construction

All pressure parts are of ductile iron for greater resistance to both thermal and mechanical shock.

Internal relief valve

Protects the pump from excessive pressure buildup in the event of an obstructed or closed return line.

Self-adjusting vanes

Designed to resist wear under non-lubricating conditions. These chemically inert vanes are formulated of a tough laminate material for long life and quiet operation.

Blackmer mechanical seals

Specially developed for non-lubricating liquid CO2 applications, Blackmer’s exclusive component-type design is field proven to provide long life and reliable service.


Blackmer pumps achieve high efficiency. The high efficiency of Blackmer pumps require less power than other positive displacement pumps, as a result less electricity is need to operate the pumps. Blackmer pumps deliver equivalent output at lower operating speeds, quieter operation and reduced Maintenance requirement. High capacity at lower speeds means reduced wear. Blackmer pumps maintain near-original efficiency and capacity throughout the life of the vanes. Self-adjusting vanes keep performance high.Blackmer vanes are easy and fast to replace. Blackmer CO2 pumps are equipped with replaceable liners that protect the pump casing. No special tools are required to remove a worn liner and install a new one within minutes.


Metrans Makina is the only authorized Blackmer distributor and service provider in Turkey. Please contact us for inormation and requests.





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