Bredel Hose Pumps APEX Series


Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG) is the world leader in niche peristaltic pump manufacture. Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group comprises several brands each with their own area of expertise.  Bredel  is one of these brands that offers unrivalled solutions.  Bredel pumps are classified as heavy duty hose pumps.

Bredel APEX hose pumps are ideal for aggressive and abrasive applications up to 8bar. With their seal-less, valve-less design, APEX pumps are engineered for a more competitive price/performance ratio vs high pressure hose pumps. 


The APEX pump range from Bredel has set the standard for lowering acquisition, operating and maintenance costs for low to medium pressure applications. Higher flows per revolution means APEX pumps can be run at lower speeds, increasing hose life and reducing wear. Compared with other pump types, APEX uptime periods are significantly longer.


APEX10, APEX15 and APEX20 Pumps


One pump housing for easy conversion between three different size hose elements

Triple the flow without investing in a new pump

Achieve future-proofing for rising production volumes


APEX28 and APEX35 Pumps


New connector design without hose clamps enables hose change in minutes

Now just 8 bolts to change a hose



Robust and Compact


The APEX pump incorporates Bredel’s long proven direct-coupled technology, delivering the most reliable pump design in a compact footprint.  While the APEX gearbox mounts directly to the pump housing, the APEX pump rotor is supported by its own sealed bearing hub, isolating and protecting the gearbox from integral forces.




There is no contamination of the pump or fluid

Ideal for slurries, viscous, shear-sensitive and aggressive fluids

Easy to install, simple to operate, inexpensive to maintain


Pump design prevents backflow


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