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Landia - Chopper Pumps
Landia - Chopper Pumps



Chopper Pumps


Landia chopper pumps, have a unique external chopping system and are designed for pumping heavily contaminated liquids and liquids with high solids concentration.


  • Domestic waste water

  • Abattoir waste water

  • Sludge, organic waste, slurry and straw at biogas plants

  • Waste oil from repair shops etc.

  • Fish and fish waste

  • Paper pulp and paper waste

  • Cooling water with hard solids

Complete Pumping Programme

  • Non-clog impeller

  • Motors from 0.55 to 37 kW, also available in explosion proof design

  • Single or extended knife systems

  • Special hardened pump components for abrasive applications

  • Adaption to existing installations

  • Pump casings and impellers in surface-coated cast iron or in acid resistant stainless steel

  • Extensive line of equipment for e.g. combined pumping and mixing

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