EZstrip Transfer Pump (Mono/Moyno)

The EZstrip™ Transfer Pump (Moyno™/Mono™) is the latest revolutionary pump design that can be “maintained-in-place” (MIP), reducing a day-long maintenance operation to a 30-minute job.

For the newest iteration of the EZstrip MIP progressing cavity pump, new features make maintenance even more user-friendly than before. In addition to our patented split-suction chamber, we’ve removed the tie bars, designed a new positive torque-split coupling rod, and added a captive support foot. That means faster, easier maintenance for you. The EZstrip is specifically designed to provide a quick and easy way to disassemble, de-rag, and maintain a PC pump in-situ, eliminating the costly maintenance and downtime that servicing can often cause.

Whether you’re managing a treatment facility in municipal wastewater, mining or a chemical process industry, we’re ready to help you stay productive.

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