How Blackmer Sealless Sliding Vane Pumps Work in Chemical Transfer


Pumps termed as sealless, seal-free or leak-free (the terms are generally interchangeable) became a realistic option for operators in chemical processing applications more than 30 years ago. The first iteration had one main job: perform better at preventing the leakage of hazardous materials than sealed pumps through a sealless design.


However, these legacy sealless pumps were not readily embraced at the outset because:

They were expensive.

There was broad skepticism that the first sealless designs could live up to their leak-free promise.


In the following years sealless pump technology had evolved to be both reliable and leak-free. Leak-free pumps were not just being used when handling hazardous materials, they were being used for handling basic liquids like water.

The driver behind this change in thinking was that users had become less willing, or capable, of dealing with seal failures than they were decades ago.

The solution could be to pivot to a sealless, leak-free pump that would never (theoretically) need to be maintained or repaired because of a leak incident.


Blackmer Sliding Vane Positive Displacement Pumps

Sliding vane positive displacement pumps can be an alternative in chemical processing applications. Sliding vane pumps do not require tuning to a single BEP. Instead, they are capable of handling both system and liquid changes.

The pump’s vanes self-compensate for wear, sustaining performance throughout the system’s operational life.

Vane pumps are understood to be well suited for varying system pressure, zero NPSHa, vapor, suspended solids and prolonged dry-run operation.

Vane technology can be protected from operator error, system upsets and instrument failure.

Also, there is flexibility offered during hours or days of dry-run operation that is unaffected by poor operating conditions, or the increased functionality of suction-lift, product recovery and self-priming operations.

This design enables a leak-free sliding vane pump to deliver in high-volume liquid transfer within chemical processing applications.



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