For more than fifty years, the Oil and Gas Industry has relied on Twin-Screw Pumps to operate reliably and economically in crude oil applications. The benefits of this positive displacement machine are easily recognized: few moving parts, gas tolerance, operable at typical motor speeds, and hydraulically balanced. In the late 1980s, the industry demanded one more feature from Twin-Screw Pumps: the ability to displace untreated well flow through one piece of equipment. The result…the Leistritz Multiphase Pump.


Leistritz Multiphase Pumps are connected upstream of any process equipment. This eliminates the need for onsite separators, heater treaters, wash tanks, crude/water tanks, complicated control systems, separate gas/oil pipelines, multiple pieces of rotating equipment and flaring. The utilization of Multiphase Pumps at the well pad and/or gathering facilities, allows operators to centralize process facilities, reduce the local environmental impact and footprint at the well site, and most importantly – operate safely and reliably.



The two rotors are supported on each end by roller bearings. These bearings position the rotors within the liner and also maintain the clearances of these rotating elements. The bearings are lubricated by either an oil sump integral with the MPP casing or by forced lubrication for higher differential pressure and/or flow applications. Herringbone timing gears are used to transmit the torque from the drive screw to the driven screw. The timing gears are external to the multiphase flow and are lubricated by an oil sump or forced lubrication. In order to isolate the bearings and timing gears from the multiphase flow, mechanical seals are installed on each end of the rotor set inboard of the bearings. The mechanical seals are available in a variety of configurations that include: single seal, single seal with throttle bushing, double seal and double seal with throttle bushing. The mechanical seals can be designed to meet the intent of API 682. The MPP casing is typically constructed of fabricated or cast steel and the replaceable lineris either ductile iron or cast steel. Due to the potential for abrasive elements in the multiphase flow, we also offer the option of hardening the liner surface. Various other alloys are also available depending on the pumped fluids. The rotor design is truly our Core Technology. Due to the severity of the application and the extreme importance placed on safe, reliable operation, Leistritz machines all screws out of one solid piece of bar stock. This means the rotor profiles are integral to the shaft, enabling the industry's largest rotor root diameter. A large root diameter maximizes rigidity, thus minimizing deflection and ensuring a noncontacting design. The rigidity of our rotors enables us to locate the discharge chamber mid-span, thus allowing installation of the mechanical seals in the suction chamber. This allows the seal faces to run parallel even in high inlet pressure applications. The single-piece rotors allow operation at higher speeds, significantly improving the MPP’s efficiency.


To find out more about Leistritz MPP and Leistritz product range, please contact Metrans Makine, the only authorized distributor and after-sales service provider in Turkey.

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