Leistritz Screw Pumps for Tanks and Terminals


Leistritz manufactures a complete line of rotary screw pumps that are used at terminals to move product between carriers and storage tanks. The line includes two, three and five screw pumps.  The unique pump design enables the use of these pumps for a wide range of viscosity and pressure requirements.  Their exceptional suction capability allows the unloading and/or transfer of fluids at high flow rates when desired. The pump motor assemblies can be horizontally mounted via baseplate or adapter and vertically mounted in tank or with a pedestal for space convenience.


The Leistritz screw pumps are often used at asphalt terminals.  The pumps are flexible, reliable and cost effective.  Their design and powerful suction capability allow for pumping asphalt at temperatures as low as 250°F.  You will be moving asphalt instead of heating it.  There’s less energy consumption, faster material handling, greater efficiency, and more money in your pocket.


Do you ever need to repair or replace high maintenance or misapplied pumps? In the past, installing a replacement pump typically required extensive piping modifications, driver relocation and/or baseplate modifications.  Leistritz’s modern screw pump cartridge design is the basis for the “Re-engineered” pump that fits the envelope of your existing pump, matching flange to flange location, eliminating costly repairs and extending service life.  A firm commitment to engineering efficiency and product quality assures long life with minimal maintenance.


Metrans Makina is the only authorized Leistritz distributor and service provider in Turkey.



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