Leistritz Screw Pumps in Oil and Gas Applications


The oil and gas industry is producing, transporting and refining more unconventional, heavier grades of crude oil in certain parts. Crude oil from certain areas is highly viscous, often requiring diluent, steam or other stimulation just to flow the oil from the reservoirs to the pipelines. These nontraditional grades of crude oil are ideally suited for pumping with a screw pump.


Depending on the actual application, either twin screw or three screw pumps are used in crude oil pipeline services.


Multiphase Applications

The evolution of twin screw pumps has led to their implementation in multiphase applications. Twin screw style pumps dominate the upstream market in multiphase applications due to their operational flexibility and economical installation. Multiphase pumps boost the untreated flow stream produced from oil wells to downstream process or gathering facilities.


Leistritz multiphase pump systems are proven and verified to increase production:


Return your investment in a matter of months

Typically half the cost of conventional seperation systems

Accelerate end of life production without downhole inervention

Dependable technology that simplifies your production facilities yielding higher total recovery rate


Metrans Makina is the authorized Leistritz distributor and service provider in Turkey.

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