LEWA - Biogas Odorization


A low biogas flow rate, a minimum metering volume, a low pump frequency and large time gaps between the pump strokes. These are challenges which LEWA has faced with the KMM Bio flow meter in order to be able to realize an optimal odorization of biogas.


KMM Bio flowmeter: How to measure the smallest quantities

With the odorization of biogas, LEWA faced the challenge of dosing the smallest quantities. Small in this context means 0.003 l/h of odorant (150 Nm³ gas times 0.02 ml/Nm³ concentration odorant in the gas = 3 ml/h flow rate). The KMM Bio flow meter developed by LEWA solves this task. This makes it possible to measure low odor flow rates. In combination with the LEWA control unit (OCU), changes to the dosing volume can also be detected at any time and compensated in a closed loop. The solenoid operated flowmeter can be calibrated and repaired on site.


The biogas odorizing systems from LEWA also ensure a correct metering even with gas flow range of 150 Nm³/h with a gas pressure of up to 20 bar. They odorize the biogas with THT which is commonly used in Germany. It is a volatile, typically smelling organic sulfur compound.



Further advantages of the LEWA odorizing systems for biogas:

Precise measurement of the smallest quantities and evaluation of the actual value concentration

Changes in dosing capacity are detected and, if necessary, automatically controlled by the controller

Thanks to the closed loop, the concentration is always at the desired value

Pump with stainless steel diaphragm is hermetically sealed: No smell from odorant and no leaks


Biogas – how is it produced and used?


In the production of biogas both liquid biomass and manure can be used. Collected in the pit, the substances are led into the fermenter. In the light and oxygen protected tank, anaerobic microorganisms digest the substrates. In this process, methane and carbon dioxide are released–the biogas. Later, it can be used for electricity, heat and fuel, or fed into a natural gas network.


Metrans Makina is the only authorized LEWA distributor and after-sales service provider in Turkey.

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