LEWA Pumps and Systems for Power Producers and Distributors


LEWA offers the most advanced diaphragm metering pumps in the world, which are used for a wide variety of applications in the energy utilities industry. Do you need a pump for a power plant and expert advice in system solutions concerning energy utilities? Then please contact us and allow our experts to advise you.


The energy utilities industry covers the processes of generating, transporting, distributing, and storing energy. LEWA customers are operators, suppliers, plant construction companies, and planners, who LEWA have supported with  products and knowledge for over 60 years. Since 2009, LEWA has enhanced the portfolio with Nikkiso products, including cryogenic pumps and canned motor pumps.


Areas of Application for LEWA Pumps and Systems for the Energy Utilities Industry

The LEWA portfolio includes typical applications for various customer segments in the energy utilities sector. Metrans Makine will be happy to help you with individual inquiries about other applications. Our experts will also develop a custom solution for you or design the ideal pump for your power plant.


Fossil fuel power plants,thermal power plants, combined-cycle power plants:


Caustic soda pumps and detergent metering pumps for CO2 scrubbing (amine scrubbing)

Injecting polluted process wastewater into combustion

Injecting urea and ammonia solutions for denitrification

Sulfur metering for flue gas conditioning

Treating water with hydrochloric acids and caustic soda

Injecting hydrazine, Levoxin, or ammonia solution for pipeline conditioning and regeneration

Rinsing mechanical seals in the boiler feed water pump

CO2 re-injection

Transferring/circulating critical fluids under difficult conditions (e.g., -200 to 450°C) with canned motor pumps



Biofuel producers (1st to 3rd generation):

Metering phosphoric acids, caustic soda, etc. in the production of biofuels (e.g., ethanol and biodiesel)

Conveying biomass into the wood downdraft gasifier for producing synthetic fuels (e.g., out of straw and biogenic waste materials)

Metering additives in the cracking process

Generating and transferring liquid hydrogen


Biogas producers:

Odorizing biogas


Battery manufacturers:

Dilution systems for battery acids in the manufacture of high-performance batteries


Wastewater treatment plants:

Injecting polluted process wastewater into combustion


Gas bottle fillers:

Odorizing and metering stations for gas bottle filling


Catalyst manufacturers:

Metering surfactants, water glass, aluminum oxides, sulfuric acids inside the catalysts


Natural gas/vehicle gas filling stations:

Odorizing liquid gases

Transferring/filling liquid gases (LNG, natural gas)


Ship yards, ship suppliers double-hulled tankers, LNG/LPG tankers gas terminals:

Pumps for filling stations for oxygen/nitrogen mixtures

Transferring liquefied gases, such as LNG, LPG


Chemical plants /Solar cell manufacturers:

Metering monochlorosilane during the production of solar cells

HTF (heat transfer) pumps in solar thermal power plants


Public utility companies, regional power suppliers, and new energy companies:

Transferring electrolytes into and out of caverns with LEWA process pumps


Hydrogen producers:

Hydrogen odorization


Please contact Metrans Makina, the only authorized distributor and after sales service provider in Turkey.

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