LEWA Solutions - Dilution of Emulsifiers


Water and fat cannot be mixed to a homogeneous emulsion without processing. Emulsifiers allow for two normally immiscible components to form a stable bond. It is like mayonnaise preparation, where egg yolks are added as a natural emulsifier. This is how artificial emulsifiers are used in industrial processes. They are delivered in highly concentrated form, therefore they need less storage space. Shortly before use, the emulsifiers are diluted with water to the required intensity.



From high metering accuracy to optimal control

With its metering systems and diaphragm pumps, LEWA offers the right solution for recipe-compliant emulsifier dilution. With regard to the dilution of emulsifiers, above all, accuracy and compliance with safety standards must be ensured.


The following advantages are offered by LEWA metering systems and diaphragm pumps:


System and pump are coordinated

Flow meters guarantee a constantly monitored flow rate

Processed level measurement in the tank which is provided by the customer–output of the mixing installation adapts automatically

LEWA smart control adjusts the mixing ratio automatically, if this does not correspond to the desired value

Thanks to the short settling time, LEWA smart control has a more precise and faster response to mistaken mixtures than usual regulations

Quick and easy exchange of diaphragm and valves

Space-saving: due to the ability to mix the emulsifier continuously over a wide concentration range, only a small amount of emulsifier in high concentration must be stored


Emulsifiers – the link-building bridge builders

Emulsifiers are divisible into different substances, which is why they are used when immiscible components are to be mixed. A high metering accuracy is indispensable for a precise degree of dilution, as this avoids wrong mixtures or fluctuations in the individual batches of a production. In the past, the emulsifier was manually fed into the tank. This was both time consuming and labor intensive, increasing the risk of contamination. Due to stress or distraction, the human error rate was high. If the pump is stopped too late the intensitiy of the emulsifier mixture can be changed substantially.


Therefore, the metering of additives via hermetically tight metering systems is essential.


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