EZstrip Transfer Pump (Mono/Moyno)

The EZstrip™ Transfer Pump (Moyno™/Mono™) is the latest revolutionary pump design that can be “maintained-in-place” (MIP), reducing a day-long maintenance operation to a 30-minute job.

Extend Diaphragm Lifetime

Chem-Fuse diaphragms, with an integral piston design, significantly extend the life of AODD pumps by eliminating outer-piston abrasion, especially when pumping abrasive fluids. Use Chem-Fuse to keep your pump in production longer, reduce parts inventory and enjoy easy cleanability for faster changeovers between product

Advantages of Wilden AODD Pumps

At Wilden®, reliable is in our DNA – we don’t cut corners just to save you money on the front end. Our air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps take reliability to the next level, combining design simplicity with rugged durability that end users have come to depend on for more than 65 years. That’s why our solutions are always a step above the competition.


ABEL pumps are being constantly technologically innovated and optimized. Nevertheless, their solid design has remained consistent throughout the decades, keeping the ABEL core characteristic untouched. ABEL pumps are the first choice in mining applications worlwide.

AODD Pumps in the Chemical Industry

An Air Operated Double Diaphragm pump (AODD) may be one of the simplest pump designs found in an industrial plant. The simple design and ease of use makes an AODD one of the most versatile pumps, especially in a chemical plant.

Another Collaboration From Metrans in Fuel Testing Applications

FUELSTAT® has been developing accurate, fast and practical solutions for over 20 years by using latest technologies and has become the first choice in fuel testing applications worldwide.

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