Reliable and High Efficient Pump Units for the Urea Industry


URACA continues to be customer’s first choice for amonia and carbamate pumps for the Urea industry.



Urea is used in a number fields, including fertilizers, medical applications, and even in food production. Demand will continue to rise in the coming years as a result of the growing world population.

In the manufacturing process liquid ammonia and carbamate need to be pressurized. This task is performed by URACA high-pressure pumps. They are highly efficient and reliably meet the requirements of these critical chemicals.

In order to press ammonia and the intermediate carbamate into the reactor, high pressure is necessary. The high-pressure pumps must deliver operating pressures of 140 to 240 bar. At the same time, large plants require ammoniac flow rates of 2,000 liters per minute or higher.


The pumps work in hard 24-hour continuous operation and require maintenance for long periods of time. Carbamate is very aggressive and corrosive. High process temperature up to is required to keep the carbamate in a liquid state of aggregation. Crystallation of the process media in the sealing area of the liquid end must be avoided at all cost.

The design of the ammonia pump must take into account the special properties of a liquefied gas. Liquid ammonia has poor lubricating properties and has higher compressibility than water. Operational reliability is extremely important. When ammonia is released, a huge volume of gas is created, displacing oxygen and freezing the surroundings. This represents an extreme risk to all persons in the immediate vicinity.

One of the key features or URACA pumps are the spring loaded stuffing boxes for liquid ammonia and carbamate. The springs maintain proper preload on packing rings, eliminating manual adjustment. Manually adjusted stuffing boxes are often overtightened which results in increased wear, damage to seals and plungers. Together with a hard metal coated plunger, the spring loaded stuffing boxes have a greatly increased operating life and are maintenance free.


Trapezoidal gasket on the pump valves prevent damage and provide a virtually unlimited lifespan for the valve body. Special tandem valve seat designs along with special design and material valve plates wear and noise is significantly reduced.  A special design for the pump bridge, combined with flexible plunger couplings, ensures a perfect alignment of stuffing box internals at all times.

All valves and stuffing boxes can be removed individually, without dismantling other components. This simplifies mantainance, reducing turnaraound time and cost. Such benefits together with the high efficiency of the pump units wll lead to very low lifecycle costs for many decades.


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