ITT RHEINHÜTTE Pumpen is a market-leading designer and manufacturer of centrifugal and axial flow pumps suited to corrosive, abrasive and high-temperature industrial process environments. Rheinhütte solutions serve specialty applications for the chemical, mining, renewable energy and refinery processes and include solutions for sulfuric acid, molten sulfur, fertilizer and chlorine-alkali electrolysis production among others.

Rheinhütte pumps are the most preferential pumps used in steel and stainless steel pickling.

The pickling of metals for corrosion protection is carried out to remove surface layers such as oxides (e.g. scale, rust) by chemical or electrochemical treatment. During this process, the pickles are loaded with metallic ions and solids, which require renewal of the pickling, separation of the solids or recycling of the pickling liquid.


In the field of conveying the different pickling liquids Rheinhütte Pumpen has extensive practical experience, which is additionally based on the results of our own investigations.


The unique variety of materials offers various approaches to solutions for the pickling of metals. Due to the good resistance of plastics to the common media in pickling plants, PP and PE are suitable pump materials. In addition, under certain conditions the use of PVDF, PFA / PTFE, SIGUSS or 1.4517 is also suitable. Our materials experts have acquired the competence through many years of experience to find the right pump material even for difficult media.


Metrans Makina is the only authorized Rheinhütte distributor and service provider in Turkey.


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